HCampos has also booked talents for amfAR, BrazilFoundation, Doutores da Alegria and Sabrina Sato Institute Galas and events, both in Brazil and in the US.

Ana Hickmann, Bebel Gilberto, Caio Castro, Cara Delevingne, Ceará, Daniela Mercury, Duda Nagle, Fabio Porchat, Fergie, Fernanda Torres, Francisco Costa, Gilberto Gil, Ingrid Guimarães, Ivete Sangalo, Jena Malone, Jennifer Hudson, John Travolta, Lucas Lucco, Mariana Ximenes, Marilia Gabriela, Mario Testino, Marisa Orth, Olivia Palermo, Paola Antonini , Paulo Gustavo, Pelé, Preta Gil, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Sabrina Sato, Thaynara OG, Tiago Abravanel, among others.
(Ypióca Cachaça Campaign)

Facing the challenge of bringing a highly sought after American actor to Brazil, HCampos utilized its contacts in the entertainment industry to convince WME that Ypioca Cachaça was a strategic addition to Mr. Travolta’s portfolio.

After much contractual negotiation, an agreement was reached, and Mr. Travolta was successfully signed.

Once in Brazil, HCampos was responsible for all logistics during Mr. Travolta’s visit. From transportation to hotel reservations, tours and professional appointments, it was the’s job to make sure everything ran smoothly during his stay.

The inclusion of Mr. Travolta in this marketing campaign assisted in elevating the brand credibility, which resulted in increased sales and distribution.
(Emar Batalha Jewelry Designer)

Olivia Palermo travelled to São Paulo for her first ever appearance in Brazil to attend the launch of Emar Batalha’s new jewelery collection Glam. HCampos was in charge of suggesting, booking and managing the logistics for the fashion icon’s visit.

The results were impressive: in addition to extensive coverage from all major fashion blogs and publications in Brazil (including Folha, Estadão, Glamurama, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar), Emar Batalha’s social media following increased by 24% in only two days during Olivia’s stay.
(Complex Opening)

For the opening of the first ever luxury boutique shopping complex in Paraguay, Hcampos worked closely with entrepreneur Belen Vierce to make the evening a truly international event. Attended by bloggers and fashion icons Olivia Palermo, Camila Coelho, Thassia Naves, Carter Smith and Harley Viera-Newton, the opening was covered by both the Brazilian media (Vogue Brazil, Glamurama) and international outlets such as The Huffington Post, American Vogue, New York Observer, Vogue Mexico and Interview Magazine.

HCampos was in charge of suggesting, negotiating and booking all talent for the opening, as well as managing all talent logistics during the three day event.
HCampos connected Disney Brazil with Sabrina Sato to have her dressed by Patricia Bonaldi for the 2017 Glamour Magazine Awards in Sao Paulo. The dress was inspired by Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”. Sabrina received the award “Woman who makes it happen” for her work at the Sabrina Sato Institute.