Based in New York City, HCampos is your brands gateway to impactful messaging and strategic action.  We focus on the areas of fundraising, luxury market PR and talent booking, often combining them all in integrated actions. With a strong connection to Brazil, HCampos has a special focus on projects that liaise clients in the United States and Brazil, especially when it comes to the high-end luxury market.

HCampos uses its knowledge of Brazilian business and culture to give its clients a competitive advantage. We create unique experiences that are custom tailored for each individual client. Working with the agency is a guarantee to be well positioned in a thriving segment of the high-end market, one where every detail makes a difference.
Brazilians that come to the United States are among the wealthiest and most educated individuals of one of the world’s largest economies. Adding that to the country’s world famous sense of aesthetics, it is only natural that many Brazilians work or own businesses in the most sophisticated segments of media, fashion, entertainment and hospitality.

Being recommended or endorsed by Brazilians is the most direct path to gaining new clients and generating revenue within the community or to expand operations into Brazil.